Sweeping robot

Sweeping robot

Sweeping robots, also known as automatic cleaners, smart vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, etc., are a kind of smart household appliances that can automatically complete the floor cleaning work in the room with certain artificial intelligence.
The fuselage is a movable device with automation technology, and with the vacuum cleaner with a dust box, the control path is set with the fuselage, and it walks repeatedly in the room, such as: edge cleaning, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, linear cleaning and other path cleaning , and supplemented by side brushes, central main brush rotation, rags, etc., to enhance the cleaning effect to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.


The main board (PCBA) inside the sweeping robot is mainly used for storage ICs P25Q16SH and P25Q32SH
Material FR-4
Layers 4 layers
Plate thickness 1.6mm
Surface treatment ENIG
Sweeping robot PCB Assembly
Sweeping robot PCB Assembly
Sweeping robot PCB Assembly
Sweeping robot PCB Assembly


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KINGFORD has medical product assembly qualification ISO13485. In addition to ventilators, we also provide oximeters, nebulizers, and transcranial Doppler system main control board assembly. At present, it maintains the annual output of 300,0000 PCS to all countries in the world, and makes a small contribution to the epidemic that is still unresolved.

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