Through Hole PCB Assembly

INTRODUCTION TO Through Hole PCB Assembly

Through-hole assembly is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are installed through leads. It is an older technology compared to surface mount.

Although this is an older process, there are some benefits to through-hole PCB assembly. The through-hole mounting process creates a stronger bond between the circuit board and its components, making the product more durable and more resistant to shock and impacts.

Whether through-hole PCB assembly is the right choice (or the only choice) for your application will depend on many factors. Whether you are developing a prototype or manufacturing a product, Kingford can provide comprehensive consulting to help determine the best way to implement it.

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Through-hole PCB Assembly Services

To better serve our diverse group of clients, Kingford has advanced soldering and assembly tools on the market today. We are fully qualified to manufacture printed circuit board assemblies to the IPC-A-610 requirement in both leaded and RoHS specifications. We are fully equipped to handle the following through-hole PCB assembly services:

  • Manual and automated placement of components
  • Double Wave Flow Solder
  • RoHS soldering using tin-lead solder
  • Functional testing
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Through Hole PCB assembly

Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

Capability Standard
Order Quantity ≥1PC
Quality Grade IPC-A-610
Lead Time 24 hours expedited service can be offered. 3- 4 days normally for PCBA prototype orders.
Size 50*50mm~510*460mm
Board Type Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, metal core PCB
Min Package 01005 (0.4mm*0.2mm)
Mounting Accuracy ±0.035mm(±0.025mm) Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
Surface Finish Lead/Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold, OPS, etc.
Component Sourcing Turnkey (All components sourced by PCBMay), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
BGA Package BGA Dia. 0.14mm, BGA 0.2mm pitch
Quality Inspection Visual inspection, AOI checking, BGA placement – X-RAY checking
DIP Capacity 100 Thousand Pins/day

PCBA Solutions

The company has successively cooperated with more than 3,000 high-tech R&D, manufacturing and service companies around the world, with technical solutions covering medical, industrial control, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, automotive electronics, smart home and other fields.

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Why Choose Kingford for Through Hole PCB Assembly Service

Delivery on time

We own a 4,000 square meters workshop, and are equipped with 7 fully automatic SMT placement lines and 2 DIP assembly lines. whether you are looking at a full production run or SMT PCB prototypes, you are assured of are quick turnaround times.

Quality Assurance

We have complete ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF 16949, UL and other system certifications, and our products meet environmental protection requirements.

All-round and Reliable Parts Supplier

Kingford cooperates with world-renowned component suppliers to ensure that the source of electronic components is plastic and the authenticity is guaranteed.

Professional customer service team

We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.


Q: What is through hole PCB assembly?
A: In the Through hole PCB assembly, the leads of the components are inserted into the holes which are drilled in bare boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by automated assembly insertion or manual assembly.



Q: What is the cost of through-hole PCB assembly?
A: Cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of through-hole PCB part, order quantity, and more. Once you contact us with your custom request, we'll respond with a custom quote for through-hole PCB assembly.



Q: Do you provide testing services for through-hole PCB assemblies?
A: Yes, we offer robust functional testing that increases product reliability.



Q: Do you provide PCB first article inspection for through holes?
A: Yes, upon customer request, we have the capability to provide first article inspection for through hole PCBs.



Q: Where are through-hole PCB assembly components placed?
A: Through-hole PCB assemblies have a variety of applications; therefore, they are widely used in power electronics and other devices that generate a lot of heat.



Q: What is the full form of THT PCBA?
A: THT PCBA is abbreviated for Through Hole Technology Printed Circuit Board Assembly.



Q: Can you offer IPC 610 or J-STD Quality inspections for through hole PCB assembly?
A: Absolutely, we offer these inspections for through hole PCB assembly as per client requirements.



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