High Volume PCB Assembly

INTRODUCTION TO High Volume PCB Assembly

Projects of 10,000 pieces or more are called high-volume PCB assembly. Kingford is fully capable of providing high volume PCB assembly to meet your requirements of high-quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and smooth communication in any manner of turnkey PCBA solution. Kingford insists on strict testing for each PCB. We can Provide DFMA free inspection service, test through online AOI, SPI and other equipment during the high volume PCB assembly process, and can also conduct customized functional tests according to requirements, so as to ensure product quality.

From prototype to production, our engineers support you solidly and focus on delivering top-notch PCB assembly services. You can rest assured that in addition to our high volume PCBA manufacturing process and capabilities, we can also allow you to enjoy convenient service, excellent prices and extremely high quality.

Advantages of Large Volume PCB Assembly

1. Shortened and Time-Efficient Production Cycles

The high volume PCB assembly process has shortened production cycle, it offers a shortened production cycle on account of automation. This has a major bearing on your go-to-market plan, which gets a big boost.

Cost-effective PCB assembly

2. Cost-Efficiency

This process is certainly cost convenient. The components and necessary resources are purchased in bulk, therefore cost less. The cost of individual design, manufacturing, and testing is saved in bulk manufacturing.

Shorter Production Time

3. Production Uniformity

With bulk volume printed circuit boards, there is production uniformity and consistency in features. With each PCB being assembled and tested similarly, quality is guaranteed.

Fewer Errors

High Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities

Capability Standard
Assembly Types Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-hole, Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole), Single and double-sided SMT/PTH, complex circuit on one side, BGA on both sides
PCB Thickness 0.5mm~4.5mm
Copper Thickness 0.5 oz to 5.0 oz
Minimum Line Width 3 mil
Minimum Line Spacing 3 mil
PCB Size 50 mm×50 mm ~450 mm×406 mm
Stencils Laser-cut stainless-steel stencils
Inspection X-ray analysis, AOI, and Microscope to 20X
Solder Type Leaded and Lead-free/RoHS compliant
Min. Diameter / Space of BGA 0.2mm / 0.35mm
Board Type Flex, Rigid, Rigid-flex
Component Size Smallest Components, BGA, Micro BGA, and Fine Pitch Parts Assembly
Types of Finishing Carbon, Selective Gold Plating, SMBOC(HASL), OSP, Hard and Soft Gold Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin
Design file format Gerber RS-27, 274D, Eagle and Auto CAD's DXF, DWG BOM, and Pick and place a file

Professional High Volume PCB Assembly Supplier

Delivery on time

We own a 4,000 square meters workshop, and are equipped with 7 fully automatic SMT placement lines and 2 DIP assembly lines. whether you are looking at a full production run or SMT PCB prototypes, you are assured of are quick turnaround times.

Quality Assurance

We have complete ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF 16949, UL and other system certifications, and our products meet environmental protection requirements.

All-round and reliable parts supplier

Kingford cooperates with world-renowned component suppliers to ensure that the source of electronic components is plastic and the authenticity is guaranteed.

Professional customer service team

We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.


Q: What is high volume printed circuit board assembly?
A: High volume PCB Assembly refers to bulk printed circuit board assembly projects of 10,000 pieces or more, in one cycle of production with DFM and DFT. This is highly popular in high-end modern electronic manufacturing companies.



Q: What is the high volume PCB Assembly lead time?
A: Full turnkey PCB assembly service has several advantages including easy management, low or high-volume assembly, multiple services, quick lead times and more!



Q: What are the benefits of high volume PCB assembly services?
A: The advantages including mass production of your products, Faster time-to-market, Consistent quality, optimal costs, quick turnaround times and more.



Q: Do you offer customer support for high batch PCB assembly?
A: Yes. We do offer reliable customer support for your orders from start to finish. We will walk you through every step of the process and our PCB experts will also be available all the time.



Q: Do you offer both bulk SMT PCB & Through hole technology PCB assembly?
A: Yes, we offer both of SMT & Through hole technology PCB Assembly.



Q: How much do you charge for the high volume PCB Assembly process?
A: As part of the high volume production process, we provide components and parts procurement for optimizing the manufacturing process at zero price. Also, repeat customers may also take advantage of loyalty discounts to reduce the long-term costs of production. Depending on your requirements, we would let you know the final costs.



Q: What type of testing done on my PCB assemblies?
A: We do visual inspection, AOI inspection, x-ray inspection, functional testing and more.



Q: What are the things to consider while choosing high volume PCB Assembly services??
A: Choosing a high volume PCB manufacturing company is quite a daunting task in this cut-throat competitive space. Two of the most common things one looks for in any company are quality and cost-effectiveness. Besides, enquire About Their Previous Work and reviews is also necessary.



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