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High-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs are printed circuit boards with a higher wiring density per unit area than conventional printed circuit boards. HDI PCBs have finer spaces and lines, minor vias and capture pads and higher connection pad density. It is helpful in enhancing electrical performance and reduction in weight and size of the equipment. HDI PCB is the better option for high-layer count and costly laminated boards.

Kingford is one of the most experienced HDI PCB manufacturers in China, providing the best quality printed circuit boards with wide variety of design characteristics to suit all your project needs. we can supply printed circuit boards up to 24 layers, and copper weight up to 10oz. For HDI PCBs with blind and buried vias, custom quoting is required; you can do so by emailing your requirements and/or Gerber files to sales@kingfordpcba.com.

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What are the advantages of HDI PCBs

  • Enhanced Reliability: The smaller aspects ratios and the high-quality construction of microvias can increase the reliability of your board and your product. The improved performance and reliability HDI PCBs provide will lead to reduced costs and more satisfied customers.
  • Cost-effective: With proper planning and manufacturing, HDI boards can be more cost-effective than other options because they require fewer raw materials due to their smaller size and the low number of layers they need.
  • Faster time-to-market: Design efficiencies in HDI PCB production mean faster time-to-market. Because of the easy placement of components and vias and electrical performance, it takes a shorter amount of time to go through the design and testing process for HDI PCBs.
  • Phenomenal versatility: HDI boards are ideal where weight, space, reliability, and performance are primary concerns.
  • Better signal integrity: HDI incorporates via-in-pad and blind via technology. This helps in placing the components closer to each other which cuts down the signal path length. The HDI technology removes via stubs and therefore reduces reflections of signal and thus improving signal quality. It therefore remarkably improves signal integrity due to shorter signal paths.
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10-layer 1-stage HDI communication PCB

Capabilities in Manufacturing HDI PCB

Item batch Template
layers 4-16 Layers 4-24 Layers
Plate thickness range 0.6-3.2mm 0.4-6.0mm
highest order 4+N+4 Any layer innterconnected
Minimum laser hole 4mil (0.1mm) 3mil (0.075mm)
Laser process CO2 Laser Machine CO2 Laser Machine
Tg value 140/150/170°C 140/150/170°C
hole copper 12-18μm 12-18μm
Impedance tolerance +/-10% +/-7%
interlayer alignment +/-3mil +/-2mil
Solder Mask Alignment +/-2mil +/-1mil
Minimum line width/line spacing 2.5/2.5mil 2.0/2.0mil
Smallest grommet 2.5mil 2.5mil
Minimum through hole 8mil (0.2mm) 6mil(0.15mm)
smallest micropore 4.0mil 3.0mil
Minimum media thickness 3.0mil 2.0mil
Minimum pad 12mil 10mil
Micropore Aperture Aspect Ratio 1:1 1:2:1

Applications for HDI PCB

HDI technology is a critical component of many of today’s advanced technologies. The miniaturization of electronic components including PCBs has enabled manufacturers to produce smaller, more cost-effective devices without sacrificing performance or reliability.

HDI PCB is widely used to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of products, as well as to enhance the electrical performance of the device. The high-density PCB is regularly found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptop computers, digital cameras and 4G network communications. The HDI PCB is also prominently featured in medical devices, as well as various electronic aircraft parts and components.

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Why Choose Kingford for HDI PCB Fabrication Service

Delivery on time

We own a 4,000 square meters workshop, and are equipped with 7 fully automatic SMT placement lines and 2 DIP assembly lines. whether you are looking at a full production run or SMT PCB prototypes, you are assured of are quick turnaround times.

Quality Assurance

We have complete ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF 16949, UL and other system certifications, and our products meet environmental protection requirements.

All-round and Reliable Parts Supplier

Kingford cooperates with world-renowned component suppliers to ensure that the source of electronic components is plastic and the authenticity is guaranteed.

Professional customer service team

We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.


Q: what is HDI PCB?
A: HDI PCBs are defined as PCBs with one or all of the following: microvias; blind and buried vias; built-up laminations and high signal performance considerations.



Q: What is HDI PCB stackup?
A: HDI is short for high density interconnect, and refers to the use of buried, blind and micro vias as well as any layer HDIs to create compact boards.



Q: What are the advantages of HDI in PCB?
A: The fundamental benefits of an HDI printed circuit board are: Delivers enhanced signal integrity, Highly reliable, Convenient and trivial time-consuming and Deducts additional charges.



Q: what types of HDI Printed Circuit Boards?
A: These six types of HDI PCBs are: Through vias from surface to surface, Minimum of two layers with through vias, Coreless construction with layer sets, Through vias and buried vias, Alternative formations of coreless forms with layer sets and Passive substrate formation without zero electronic connection.



Q: How much does HDI PCB cost?
A: Many different factors affect the cost of an HDI board such as Stackup Height and Number of Layers, Materials Used, Number of Sequential Laminations and Type and Amount of Vias, Through-Holes or Microvias.



Q: How do I select materials for HDI?
A: Here is a tip: The goal is always to select the right material for manufacturability that, at the same time, meets your temperature, and your electrical requirements.



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