What to Consider When Selecting a PCB Design and Manufacturing Expert?

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In this age where science and technology lead, everything around us has a PCB that controls its functionality. PCB technology has evolved a lot, and the PCBs we have today are more advanced than the previous ones. It is all because of efficient design, manufacturing practices, and industry professionalism.

12 essential qualities to look for when selecting PCB design and manufacturing expert

Top-quality PCB design and manufacturing takes knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field. So, whenever you are selecting a design and manufacturing expert, make sure to look for the following qualities.

Attention to detail while designing PCB layout

The PCB manufacturing process starts with an efficient, and if the design itself is inefficient, the final product may contain several bugs. However, if the designer puts attention to all the details in the PCB design, those issues can be significantly reduced.

Things that need attention include the overall size of the PCB and component placement on it, heat dissipation planning, resistance against environmental factors, etc. these factors can also vary depending on the type of PCB you are working on.

Signal and power integrity

Maintaining the circuit's integrity is one of the most important yet difficult things in PCB manufacturing and designing. Maintaining signal and power integrity means no interference happens with any signal on the PCB circuit, so the results are accurate.

It can be done by keeping track of signal rise and fall lengths, times, and other characteristics. However, some designers don't provide these services, and working with such a designer means that your circuit may not always be accurate.

Breakout strategy

The breakout strategy in a PCB is an important part of the designing part. The designer needs to ensure that using the high-pin-count devices, the signals cab breakout, out, and route. The breakout means applying a fanout solution where you route the traces from the fanout to the perimeter of the device.

So, it has a huge impact on the implementation and manufacturing of the PCB. If the design and manufacturing expert does not have a great breakout strategy, you may skip them and select another one.

Material selection

Material selection is a part of the manufacturing process that can improve or degrade the performance of your PCB. A designer and manufacturer well aware of PCB's working and your specific requirements will put more emphasis on the material selection for your PCB. With optimal materials selected for your PCB, it will be much more durable under all loads and work according to its desired purposes.

Component placement

Component placement starts when designing the schematic because some components need to be placed closer for better performance. However, it does not end with schematic designing only. It is also challenging during manufacturing because it is essential to be careful about precision in the connectors and all power circuits.

Thus, efficient component placement is a critical quality you need to look for in PCB designers and manufacturers.

Thermal reliefs

With electronics getting smaller and smarter, they are also getting more powerful. It means that the current passing through the smaller circuit will be higher, which will cause more heat generation. So, the PCB design must be thoughtfully made with component placement for good airflow and heat dissipation across all the components.

Remember that heat can hinder the performance of some components, and for the longevity of the PCB, it is essential to keep the PCB cool. The right manufacturer always ensures to place the components away from the heat sources for better thermal relief and long-term performance guarantee.


PCB design templates are a huge reason behind this advancement in the world of PCB designing. Because of so much repetition in most PCB designs, the designers are testing them over again. So, to make every PCB efficient, several designers have template galleries that can easily meet your design's functionality requirements and specifications.

Maintaining this library also allows them to work on their designs and improve them with time continuously. All of this will benefit your business, especially over the long run when you may need updated boards with more features.

Power, signal, and ground traces

Considering these traces is essential during the design process, as when manufacturing the PCB, preplanning will help in leaving the right places and area dimensions for the holes and pads on the PCB.

So, before finalizing the design of the PCB, the expert must consider all these traces and finalize only after authenticating so that there are no issues during manufacturing, as drilling a hole in the wrong location or a wrong-sized hole in the right place can mess up with the traces of a PCB.

Thorough testing process

Testing the PCB design through prototyping saves time and money as it tests the initial design, and you can make any required changes early on. Similarly, testing ensures that every PCB is working perfectly when the manufacturing is complete.

Even catching problems during this stage can be beneficial in fixing them at the right stage. The expert designer and manufacturer will always provide a thorough testing process for your PCB design with lots of tests conducted.

Range of expertise with different types of PCB

One device can have multiple PCBs in it, and if you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, you will also need different types of PCBs. In such circumstances, working with different designers and manufacturing experts will waste your time and money.

So, going with the experts having a range of expertise with several types of PCB will be helpful. Some common types of PCB you must want your expert to have expertise in include:

  • Rigid PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Multi-layer PCB
  • Double-sided PCB
  • Single side PCB, etc.

Production capabilities

Having top production capabilities as a manufacturer will bring better value for you. It is because if you want 500 PCBs in one day while the manufacturing expert can only provide 100 PCBs in one day, then their production capabilities will not satisfy your demands.

Thus, such a manufacturer will hinder your progress. Remember that bulk orders will decrease your overall cost, so select the manufacturer carefully.

Layer stack-up PCBs

Modern devices don't use double-sided PCBs only. Due to less size, layered stack-up PCBs are becoming more common, as seen in some of the latest smartphones. So, if you are producing something that strictly follows its area dimensions, then you must select an expert designer with an idea about designing such PCBs. Even for manufacturers, an understanding of how these PCBs work is essential.

Benefits of selecting the right PCB design and manufacturing expert

Selecting the right PCB design and manufacturing expert can bring several benefits to your business, including the following.

Top-quality finished product

You get top-quality finished products when you select the right expert for manufacturing and designing your PCB. Such products are safe from any early flaws because the design goes through testing by prototyping. Even when the PCB is manufactured, it is tested in many ways. So, your PCB will always provide accurate results and reliability when you go for the right expert.

Streamlined manufacturing process

The right expert will ensure that you enjoy a streamlined manufacturing process. You look for value, and experts will provide you by meeting your production requirements and providing the PCBs on time. With the lesser time required to design through template implementation and quick manufacturing, you know that the PCB will be ready when you need it. Thus, the time to market your product will also be lesser.

Efficient PCB costing

Costing is one of the main concerns for PCB manufacturers, and with better quality and efficient design, costing can increase. However, going with the expert designers, you will not feel a huge change because they will place every step with proper planning.

Manufacturers also ensure to choose the right materials for your PCB according to its usage requirements. This way, the cost does not go too high due to using unnecessarily good materials.

All design and manufacturing standards and certifications are met.

Some PCB design and manufacturing standards must be met, including the IPC quality, ISO, and UL PCB standards. If you work with an expert, you will not only be sure about these standards are met, but you will also get a certification that states the quality of your PCB. Getting a certification with every shipment ensures you are not compromising your product's quality.

Great customer support

Lastly, you get great customer support from experts working on your PCB design. Good customer support includes everything from all sorts of technical discussions to acknowledging customer suggestions and working on any changes required. Experts provide online and live support options so that everything you want in your PCB is made as per your demand.


Whether it is about hiring a PCB design expert for your business or selecting a manufacturing partner, expertise and experience are essential. Additionally, some technical PCB standards must be met, as discussed above. So, if you want the best PCB design and manufacturing expert, select one according to the above standards.


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